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Youth Steering Committee

Overview & Responsibilities

The coalition advocating for the Healthy Future Students and Earth Act is forming a youth steering committee to bring more young people into campaign leadership roles. Ultimately, young people and Black and Indigenous People of Color are impacted the most by climate change and our school meal program, so that’s why our campaign centers those voices.

Our youth steering committee members will help drive campaign strategy and design and execute campaign tactics to advance new federal policies that shift K-12 lunch menus toward more plant-based, climate-friendly foods.

Members of the youth steering will be responsible for:

  • Regularly attending virtual bi-weekly full coalition meetings and weekly steering committee meetings. 

  • Organizing and executing youth-led actions in support of the campaign such as… 

    • Social media campaigns 

    • Rallies 

    • Meetings with Members of Congress 

    • Writing blogs

    • Presenting to youth-focused clubs and organizations about the campaign and engaging other youth to take action.

    • Asking for support and engagement from youth-focused climate, animal welfare, and other social justice organizations. 

    • Other actions that YOU decide!

Timeline and time commitment

May 1, 2024 through August 16, 2024 for a minimum of 4 hours per week with flexibility to adjust schedules to accommodate other commitments or vacation (e.g. spending 8 hours per week on the campaign one week and none the next while on vacation, working another job, etc.).

Members of the Youth Steering Committee will receive the following benefits:

  • $1,000 stipend over the course of the summer 

  • Mentorship from leading non-profit organizations in various fields

  • Professional development 

  • Letters of recommendation upon completion of program

  • A network of peers and like-minded individuals that will extend past the steering committee program

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